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Release notes

November 2021

Newsletter 2 / 2021

Credit card payment

  • You can now pay your LabFinder annual fee and advertising options quickly and easily with your credit card.

    A bank transfer is of course still possible as well.

October 2021

New search field - LabFinder SHOP

  • New search field in LabFinder SHOP.
    The new search field allows you to find shop products using search terms that appear somewhere in the product name or description.

September 2021

LabFinder SHOP

  • Introduction of LabFinder SHOP.
    The LabFinder SHOP displays product and offer information of the individual suppliers in detail and simultaneously offers the possibility of a direct offer request.

    Product offers can be entered and managed by the suppliers independently via the profile account.

    Further details can be found on the LabFinder Shop information page.

Supplier Account Dashboard

  • Improved Supplier Account Dashboard with better overview and management capabilities of their supplier profile.

Optimization of requests

  • Customer requests are distributed to the individual providers in an even better form. With direct access to the own profile and a detailed overview.

Add new Product Categories:

Filter tips
Pipette tips
Lifting platform




Cônes à filtre
Pointes de pipette
Plateforme de levage


June 2021

Notifications during login

  • We now inform you with an information box about important news and information. This information box appears during login and can be confirmed or skipped. If you skip the information, it will be displayed again during the next login.

Extension with clinical / diagnostic product categories

  • In order to be able to better support laboratories and suppliers in the clinical / diagnostic area, the following additional product categories have been added to LabFinder accordingly.

Add new Product Categories:

Systems for clinical chemistry and immunochemistry
Systems for Molecular Genetic Diagnostics
Systems for clinical pathology
Systems for urine diagnostics
Systems for coagulation and hemostasis diagnostics
Systems for plasma protein analysis
Systems for immunoassays
Systems for drug and medication testing
Systems for digital Morphology
Haematology analyser
BGA devices / blood gas analysis
BSG Analysis Systems / Blood Sedimentation
Smear-/ Staining system
Cytospin centrifuge
Microtome for histological sections
Counting chambers / Manual cell counting


Systeme für klinische Chemie und Immunchemie
Systeme für molekulargenetische Diagnostik
Systeme für klinische Pathologie
Systeme für Urindiagnostik
Systeme für Gerinnungs- Hämostasediagnostik
Systeme für Plasmaproteinanalysen
Systeme für Immunoassays
Systeme für Drogen- und Medikamententests
Systeme für digitale Morphologie
Hämatologie Analysator
BGA Geräte / Blutgasanalyse
BSG Analyse Systeme / Blutsenkung
Mikrotom für histologische Schnitte
Zählkammer / Manuelle Zellzählung


Systèmes pour de chimie clinique et d’immunochimie
Systèmes pour le diagnostic génétique moléculaire
Systèmes pour la pathologie clinique
Systèmes de diagnostic de l’urine
Systèmes de diagnostic de la coagulation et de l’hémostase
Systèmes d’analyse des protéines plasmatiques
Systèmes pour les essais immunologiques
Systèmes pour le dépistage des drogues et des médicaments
Systèmes pour la morphologie digitale
Analyseur d’hématologie
BGA systèmes d’analyse / analyse des gaz du sang
BSG Analysis Systems / Sédimentation du sang
Appareil de frottis/ coloration
Centrifugeuse Cytospin
Microtome pour les coupes histologiques
Chambres de comptage / Comptage manuel de cellules


May 2021

User Guide LabFinder

  • A detailed user guide is now available. It describes the various functions that are available to users and potential customers as well as suppliers on LabFinder.
    The LabFinder user manual in English, German and French.

April 2021

Newsletter Q1 / 21

Information for the supplier, how often your website was visited via LabFinder

  • As Supplier, in your supplier account under “Webpage clicks”, you can see how often a user used the web icon and was thus redirected directly from LabFinder to your website. This information is displayed per month.
    Start of this function from 2.April 21.

March 2021

Information for the supplier, how often you did appear

  • As Supplier, you can in you supplier account how often you appeared and thus recognized by users as a possible supplier. This information is displayed per month.
    Start of this function from 24.March 21.

Rating of Suppliers

  • The suppliers can be rated; this function is available to registered users. Each supplier to which a request has been sent can be rated by the user in his user account.
    The ratings are displayed on the information page of the corresponding supplier.

Filter in the product index for Equipment / Instruments and Consumables

  • Due to the continuously increasing number of laboratory consumables in the product categories, the filter option for Equipment/Instruments and Consumables has been added to the product index.

Add new Product Categories:

XRF / x-ray fluorescence
XRM / X-ray microtomography
Orbitrap GC HRMS


RFA / Röntgenfluoreszenzanalyse
XRM / Röntgenmikrotomographie
Orbitrap GC HRMS


XRF / fluorescence aux rayons X
XRM / Microtomographie à rayons X
Orbitrap GC HRMS


February 2021

NEW : User Account / Registration

  • Users can register on LabFinder and receive a password-protected user account, in which they can enter their data and view the requests they have already made.
    In the logged-in mode, the contact data is entered directly in the request form.
    Captcha is also eliminated and the requests can be sent even easier.

Supplier Account

  • Improved provider account.
    Better overview and customization options of the own provider profile.

Add new Product Categories:

COVID-19 Research Reagents
Corona quick test
Gloves general
Gloves – Nitrile
Gloves – Vinyl
Gloves – Latex
Mouth protection IIR and FFP2
Protective masks
Protective clothing
Safety glasses
Microscope slides
Blow-off evaporator
Level monitoring
Viral vectors
Clinical diagnostics – Analytical instruments


COVID-19 Forschungsreagenzien
Corona Schnelltest
Handschuhe allgemein
Handschuhe – Nitril
Handschuhe – Vinyl
Handschuhe – Latex
Mundschutz IIR und FFP2
Virale Vektoren
Klinische Diagnostik – Analysegeräte


COVID-19 Réactifs de recherche
Test rapide de la Corona
Gants général
Gants – Nitrile
Gants – Vinyl
Gants – Latex
Protection de la bouche IIR et FFP2
Masques de protection
Vêtements de protection
Lunettes de protection
Lames de microscope
Évaporateur à soufflage
Surveillance du niveau
Substances chimiques
Vecteurs viraux
Diagnostic clinique – Appareil d’analyse


January 2021

Improvement of Supplier Login

  • Login user name: In addition to the email address, the provider name can now also be used to log in to the supplier profile.
    Email address / supplier name + password.

Direct Link to the Supplier Websites

  • Direct link to the individual supplier websites on product categories and brands.

LabFinder Germany - goes online

  • for the German Market goes online.
    Available in German, English and French.

Add new Product Categories:

DNA / RNA Synthesizer


DNA / RNA Synthesizer


Synthétiseur de DNA / RNA


December 2020

Hide inactive & possibly supplier

  • Product Categories: If 5 or more activatated supplier are available, then Supplier without activation (possibly suppliers), do not appear anymore.
  • Brands: If 2 or more activatated supplier are available, then Supplier without activation (possibly suppliers), do not appear anymore.

Add release notes

Add new Product Categories:

Safety glove box
Inert gas glove box
Glove box general
Packaging wood and cardboard


Glovebox unter Inertgasatmosphäre
Glovebox allgemein
Verpackungen Holz und Karton


Boîte à gants pour la sécurité
boîte à gants sous atmosphère inerte
Boîte à gants général
Emballage bois et carton


November 2020

Password protected Supplier Account

  • New password protected Supplier Account with the new function to login as supplier and independently adjust profile.

Improvement of request process

  • New and improved Email Process to send requests to selected suppliers


  • Webshop direct link on Supplier Profil Page
  • Replace written Supplier Webpage domain by a Button

October 2020

Brand Filter

  • Add Brand filter on Product Categories

Solution for requests without active suppliers for products and brands

  • If not no active supplier is available for selected product and brand, LabFinder Consulting is set as default supplier.

Free request

  • Add Option to make a free request to multiple suppliers without related Product or Brand


  • Add Lab planners and financing solutions
  • Info Button
  • Data export function to CSV File

Add new Product Categories:

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)
PCR Assays & Reagents
CRISPR/Cas Genome Editing
Cells – Primary Cells
Cells- Cell Lines
Cells – Competent Cells
Small Molecules & Inhibitors
Recombinant Proteins & Peptides
DNA & RNA Standards
Protein Standards
Cell Culture Media
Kits Sample Purification
Kits Nucleic Acid Extraction
Kits NGS Library Quantification
Kits Molecular Diagnostics
Kits Lysing
Kits Extraction
Kits cDNA Synthesis
Assays Fluorescence Quantification
Assays Cell Counting
Freezer Racks
Lab planning
Leasing / Financing


Next Generation Sequenzierung (NGS)
PCR Assays & Reagenzien
CRISPR/Cas Genome Editing
Zellen – Primäre Zellen
Zellen – Zelllinien
Zellen – Kompetente Zellen
Small Molecules & Inhibitoren
Rekombinante Proteine & Peptide
DNA & RNA Standards
Kits Probenaufreinigung
Kits Nukleinsäure-Extraktion
Kits NGS Library Quantifizierung
Kits Molekulare Diagnostik
Kits Lysing
Kits Extraktion
Kits cDNA Synthese
Assays Fluoreszenz Quantifizierung
Assays Zellzählung
Freezer Racks
Leasing / Finanzierung


Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)
PCR Essais & Réactifs
CRISPR/Cas Genome Editing
Cellules – Cellules primaires
Cellules – Lignées cellulaires
Cellules – Cellules compétentes
Petites molécules et inhibiteurs
Protéines et peptides recombinants
Standards de DNA & RNA
Standards de protéines
Médias de culture cellulaire
Kits de purification d’échantillons
Kits d’extraction d’acide nucléique
Kits de quantification de la NGS
Kits de diagnostics moléculaires
Kits de lyse
Kits d’extraction
Kits de synthèse de cDNA
Essais de quantification de la fluorescence
Essais de comptage de cellules
Racks de congélation
Planification de laboratoire
Leasing / Financement


September 2020

Improved display of banners on products and brands

  • Improvement of Banner visability by shadow frame.

August 2020

Add new Product Categories:

Muffle furnace
Air cleaner
Cooling systems custom made
Cooling unit development (OEM production)
Cryogenic refrigeration
ULT Cooling
Automated sample preparation systems
Western Blot Imaging Systems
Western Blotting Transfer Systems
Gel Documentation Systems
In Vivo Imaging Systems
Plant Imaging Systems
Surface Plasmon Resoncance Systems
Single Cell Dispenser
Protein Gel staining system
Elisa Kits
Antibody monoclonal
Antibody polyclonal
Antibody recombinant





Kühlgeräteentwicklung (OEM-Fertigung) 

Kühlsysteme massgeschneiderte 

Tieftemperatur Kühlungen 

ULT Kühlungen

Automatisierte Probenvorbereitungssysteme

Western Blot Imaging Systeme

Western Blotting Transfer Systeme

Gel Dokumentation Systeme

In Vivo Imaging Systeme

Pflanzen Imaging System

Oberflächen Plasmon Resonanzsysteme

Einzelzell Dispenser

Protein Gel Färbesystem



Elisa Kits

Antikörper monoklonal 

Antikörper polyklonal 

Antikörper rekombinant 


Four à moufle

Purificateur d’air

Développement d’unités de refroidissement (production OEM) 

Réfrigération cryogénique 

Refroidissement des ULT 

Systèmes de refroidissement sur mesure

Systèmes automatisés de préparation des échantillons

Systèmes d’imagerie Western Blot

Systèmes de transfert Western Blot

Systèmes de documentation des gels

Systèmes d’imagerie in vivo

Systèmes d’imagerie des plantes

Systèmes de résonance de plasma de surface

Distributeur à cellule unique

Système de coloration du gel protéique



Kits Elisa

Anticorps monoclonal

Antibody polyclonal

Anticorps recombinant

July 2020

Add product and brand assortment to supplier profile page

  • Improvement of the supplier profile page. Assortment of product categories and brands are displayed.

Set supplier without data reconciliation to limited/inactive

  • Suppliers without data reconciliation are set to limited and therefore show up as inactive/ possibly suppliers and can’t get contacted directly by LabFinder.

June 2020

Add Indexes in addition to the search fields

  • Add Product index
  • Add Brand index
  • Add Supplier index