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Bioreactor HABITAT research


Bioreactor HABITAT research

Bioreactor, fermenter or photobioreactor.

HABITAT research is the smart laboratory bioreactor from IKA. As the first bioreactor with a lid stand, it ensures ergonomic working and a well-organized laboratory.

To operate HABITAT research, you only need a control unit package and a vessel package. For sensitive cell cultures such as mammalian cells, select the cell variant with gassing rates from 0 – 2000 cc/min. If you are using HABITAT as a fermenter, we recommend the ferment variant, with gassing rates of 0 – 20 000 cc/min. If you decide to use the photobioreactor, the photo version with LED panels is perfect for you. The suffix ‘cct’ in each package indicates that there are connection options for three additional sensors: turbidity, CO2 and conductivity. The second step is to complement your control unit package with the vessel package that matches your application and working volume. And you’re ready to go.

Delivery time: On request

Price on request

Warranty time: 1+1 Year



Technical Data/Specs

Please refer to for further technical data on the individual control unit and vessel packages.



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