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Cell 3 Imager Estier


Cell 3 Imager Estier

Estier is a high-level optical coherence tomography (OCT) instrument that allows non-invasive analysis of 3D structures, including microvessels/tubular structures, tissues, spheroids and organoids.

As OCT provides an advantageous platform to conveniently visualise the in vitro and ex vivo dynamics of 3D structures, it can be used as an alternative visualisation/monitoring method to obtain quantitative information on morphological changes occurring in 3D cell culture samples.

Estier OCT technology enables label-free, non-invasive tomographic imaging and monitoring of microvessels, neovascularisation formation to quantify and assess morphological changes in a short time. Ideal for tumour invasion testing and molecule efficacy assessment.

The ability to measure the actual volume (X, Y and Z directions) of 3D structures (spheroids/organoids) allows true comparison of drug efficacy in preclinical models.

Detects necrotic regions and quantifies volume, internal cavities, tubular structures, etc., with impressive focus.

Delivery time: Depend on configuration

Price on request

Warranty time: 2 years



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