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Filter Fume Cupboard Circulaire

The Circulaire® CT series is a laboratory bench filter fume cupboard with sliding or folding front glass, automatic air velocity compensation and the latest touch screen technology. A completely new generation of containment technology. It ensures compliance with COSHH regulations, tested according to BS7989: 2001. The Circulaire® CT offers a range of filters for almost any application. The full-colour touch screen with airflow and filter alarms is easy to operate and features audible and visual alarms.

Delivery time: On Request

Price on request

Warranty time: 5 years


Technical Data/Specs

Certified user safety
Wide range of filters
Automatic filter detection
Hinged or sliding front glass
Automatic air velocity compensation
Airflow and filter alarms
Low power consumption
Low-noise operation < 55 dB(A)
5-year warranty



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