Fire protection tray


Fire protection tray

JUCHHEIM Fire protection trays catch spilled flamable liquids (e.g. organic solvents) and prevent the imflamation by restrictiing oxygen provision.

This is achieved by the special honeycomb-structure of the insets.

A typical use case is to put the tray below a glas reactor or container inside of a fume cupboard.
If the glas breaks, or due to leakage, the liquid is safely collected.

The trays are completely made of stainless steel.

Delivery time: 4 Weeks

Price on request

Warranty time: 1 year


Technical Data/Specs

The JUCHHEIM fire protection tray in the following standard dimensions (WxHxD): 450x450x120mm for a max. collection quantity of 12 liters of liquid (order number 0310).

Customizable to your needs: In addition to standard sizes, we manufacture custom fire protection trays. Simply let us know the dimensions you need.


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