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Singlechannel pipettes PETTE fix and vario
Multichannel pipettes PETTE multi

The mechanical pipettes in the IKA PETTE range are piston lift pipettes and carry out metering in accordance with the so-called air cushion principle. An air cushion separates the sample in the attached tip of the pipette from the piston.

The PETTE is available in 24 different models from the micro-pipette, starting at 0.1 μl up to a metering volume of 10 ml. Ten models have a fixed volume, eight are adjustable in volume. The six models of the PETTE multi series are available with either 8 or 12 channels and adjustable volumes for precise pipetting in microtiter or deep well plates. All pipettes are fully autoclavable and made of UV resistant materials.

All pipettes are fully autoclavable and made of UV resistant materials. Thus, they can be sterilized very easily. The color coding of both the single-channel and multi-channel pipettes facilitates the quick selection of the right pipette and matching pipette tips.

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Technical Data/Specs

The IKA pipette portfolio consists of a total of 24 models: ten single-channel pipettes with fixed volume, eight with variable volume and six multichannel pipettes with 8 or 12 channels for precise pipetting in microtiter or deep-well plates.

The dosing debices are available with volumes from 0.1 μl to 10 ml, offering the broadest possible flexibility for liquid handling in any modern laboratory. Three handles in different sizes and materials are included with each pipette. Ergonomic and precise liquid handling is thus guaranteed.

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