Kuhner Kelvin⁺ incubator shaker


Kuhner Kelvin⁺ incubator shaker

The incubator shaker Kuhner Kelvin+ combines approved Kuhner quality and technology with a very compact footprint. It is the perfect starter model, e.g., for universities or start-ups. The Kuhner Kelvin+ is applicable for the cultivation of microbial, plant, human and animal cell cultures.

The incubator shaker can be equipped with the AerationSystem to provide a humidity and CO2 controlled environment for cell cultivations.

It can also be combined with the Kuhner TOM system for the online measurement of oxygen transfer rate (OTR), carbon dioxide transfer rate (CTR) and respiratory quotient (RQ) in shake flasks to provide a better process understanding and guarantee an informed process development.

Performance characteristics:

• Compact footprint
• Hygienic design: easy cleaning
• Short set-up time due to stainless steel chamber
• Very good temperature distribution
• Large feedthrough port
• Combinable with AerationSystem and Kuhner TOM

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Delivery time: 4-6 weeks

Price on request

Warranty time: 5 years


Technical Data/Specs

The technical data/specs can be found on our website:




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