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Laminar Flow Workbench VLFT

The Circulaire® VLFT vertical flow cabinets offer numerous new features. The cabinets are equipped with a U15 ULPA filter as standard, fulfilling the requirements of ISO Class 4 (Class 10) as per EN 14644-1. They run quietly and have a low power consumption.

Movement sensors help to save energy; unnecessary functions are switched off if the system is not in use for an extended period of time. All VLFT cabinets are equipped with the latest touch screen technology and offer excellent, user-friendly process monitoring.

Delivery time: On Request

Price on request

Warranty time: 5 years


Technical Data/Specs

Vertical Flow
Sizes 100 – 180 cm
U15 ULPA filter as standard
ISO Class 4
Low power consumption 65 – 90 W
Motion sensors
High quietness < 54dB (A)
Dimmable LED lighting
5 years warranty



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