Thermo Herasafe 2025


Thermo Herasafe 2025

Smarter protection
that never takes a day off
The most important factor in selecting a biological safety cabinet is the assurance of
excellent containment. Thermo Scientific™ Herasafe™ 2025 Biological Safety Cabinets (BSCs)
feature advanced technologies for maximum safety and protection that never take a day off.
Robust construction and excellent ergonomic design are combined with autonomous safety
features and a simple-to-understand interface that always gives a clear status indication. The
Herasafe 2025 BSC delivers reliable performance with superior precision for a broad range of
applications requiring assured safety for product, personnel and environment.
Thermo Scientific™ biological safety cabinets are designed to maximise sample
protection and user safety, with an emphasis on containment, comfort and convenience,
all day, every day. For more than five decades, we have been a pioneer and innovator of
clean air technologies. Our global vision and experience have enabled us to continually
provide improved application-based solutions ideally suited for your requirements and
working environment, with compliance to all major worldwide safety standards.

Delivery time: on request

Price on request

Warranty time: 2 years


Technical Data/Specs

See brochure Safe 2025 Safe/MaxiSafe



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