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ThermodynamX GmbH
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Straubstrasse 11

7323 Wangs


ThermodynamX GmbH at a glance

ThermodynamX designs and manufactures customized refrigeration technology for laboratory and medical applications.
Our customers do not sell refrigeration units, but complex and high-quality products, which fulfil their function with the help of refrigeration technology. When developing new products, cooling technology must not be the necessary evil or “a lump on the product”, but an integral part of the equipment, which enables new product innovations.
We provide intelligent solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into existing or new products.


  • Cooling systems custom made
  • Cooling unit development (OEM production)
  • Cryogenic refrigeration
  • Cryostat
  • Freezer ULT -150°C
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  • ThermodynamX
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