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The Swiss platform for laboratory requirements

It would be great if something like that would exist…

…Thus began the idea, which successfully led to…

Just like any solution, it all started with a problem. The inability to find laboratory equipment suppliers in a convenient manner. We thought to ourselves, how many companies’ and people’s lives can we make easier? And so came to life, the solution that we call LabFinder.

Searching and finding the right laboratory equipment can be a long and frustrating task. On top of that, each supplier has to be contacted and managed separately, making the whole process time-consuming and demanding.

LabFinder is a centralized platform where laboratory supply and demand is conventiently managed. Laboratories and other users of laboratory equipment can find the perfect supplier for their needs on LabFinder, while the supplier has a larger audience for its products. It’s a win-win solution.

Find the right supplier for you in a couple of clicks and contact them in one single step. Everything can be managed easily! So go ahead and start using Labfinder. You will save time, money and nerves !



+ 50 Lab Supplier

+ 400 Product categories

+ 2000 Brands & Manufacturers


The Team

André Lauper

Founder and Managing Director

Stefanie Lauper

Admin and Marketing Assistent


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