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About LabFinder

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The Swiss platform for laboratory supplies

LabFinder establishes a central platform that enables laboratories to effortlessly identify product and brand-related suppliers for their laboratory with just a few clicks and to contact them in a single step.

In addition to direct contact, detailed information on each individual vendor can be retrieved or exported as a PDF.

Suppliers on LabFinder reach thousands of potential customers through our large user base, continuously expanding their customer base and business.

Numerous functions are available to laboratories free of charge.
Suppliers present themselves and their offers on LabFinder without straining their marketing budget.

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Labfinder was founded in 2019 to provide a professional directory and centralized platform for lab suppliers, laboratories, and other users of laboratory equipment in Switzerland and Germany.

Through the use of our intuitively operable platform, users can efficiently and effortlessly identify and contact product- and brand-related suppliers in just a few clicks. Our extensive supplier network, which boasts more than 300 suppliers and counting, offers access to 500 product categories and 2000 laboratory brands, ultimately saving users a considerable amount of time and money.

Labfinder offers a comprehensive set of features that enable users to make custome requests to specific supplier to analyze products, services, and offers. Equally, suppliers benefit from a user-friendly platform that allows them to present all their products.

Our vetting process establishes trust and transparency for users, ensuring they have the confidence to select the appropriate supplier for their laboratory. On the other side, our large user base enables lab suppliers to reach out to thousands of potential customers, thereby creating a mutually beneficial scenario for all parties in the lab supplies industry.

At Labfinder, we are committed to our mission to cultivate a growing directory and marketplace of laboratory equipment and supplies, making it easy for users to find and connect with lab suppliers.

The ultimate vision is to create a unique, user-friendly platform where laboratories and lab-related people can effortlessly locate the equipment and consumables they need, with the best price-performance ratio, including those that are often hard to find, from trusted suppliers who easily display their product range and contact details on LabFinder.

In order to take country-specific product ranges, distribution rights and supplier contact information into account, LabFinder is available for Switzerland.      Switzerland

Our Platform is available in the English, German, or French.

The most important for the laboratories

Find the right product and supplier for your lab. In seconds.

If you manage a laboratory, or you are a research scientist or lab technician working in a lab in Switzerland or Germany, then you understand the importance of finding the right lab products to optimize laboratory operations. Especially in anxious situations of supply shortages.

That’s where Labfinder comes in, providing you with access to an extensive directory of over 300+ reputable lab suppliers featuring 500+ product categories and 2000+ laboratory equipment brands.

If you can’t find a lab product elsewhere, you’ll find It on Labfinder.

With Labfinder, you can now save time, money, and effort by effortlessly finding the exact lab equipment or brand you need from trusted lab suppliers. Our user-friendly platform allows you to search suppliers by product or brand, and explore the Labfinder shop to analyze product pictures and descriptions, specifications, prices, videos, and warranty information.

Start typing the product you need and get fill-in recommendations, then analyze the offerings from all reputable suppliers. Or browse through brands and product categories to satisfy your lab’s needs.

Request Offers from Multiple Suppliers in One Click

Request custom quotes and post requests to any supplier. Found more than one supplier of a product or brand? Contact multiple suppliers with a single click for the same request and ensure that you are getting the best deal possible every time.

Export Supplier Data in PDF with One Click

Search products or brands, and see all suppliers of that product or brand. Then easily export all supplier information in a PDF file with one click. This PDF file gives more detailed info for each supplier, such as supplier description, info, website, phone number, and more, so you can further do more detailed analysis and research.

Start saving time and money on lab equipment. For free.

Labfinder is entirely free to use (no need to make a user account), allowing you to cut costs and streamline your laboratory operations without extra expenses.

Plus, with the option to register for a free user account, you gain access to additional benefits and features, making your experience even more convenient and efficient.

The most important for the suppliers

Sign up as a lab supplier in minutes to increase leads.

Labfinder is a directory and marketplace where you can easily present your range of lab products and lab equipment brands as a supplier. Your products and brands that you supply are then shown to hundreds of users (laboratories, lab technicians, research scientists, purchasers and more) that need lab supplies resulting in an increased number of leads and revenue for your business in the long term.

List products on the Labfinder shop to boost sales.

Get specific with your offerings by showcasing the lab products in detail on the Labfinder shop. Add images, a description, specifications, price (or put price on request), warranty info, and video, and let users contact you about a specific product or novelty.

Manage all your products and brands portfolio in one simple dashboard where you can also monitor customer activity on your supplier profile. Add brand or product banners to attract more leads and see your business growing daily.

Join the growing supplier list.

A large number of laboratory suppliers in Switzerland and Germany already benefit from the Labfinder platform. Become one of them and grow your business now.

Register now as a supplier

The makers of LabFinder
André Lauper

André Lauper

Founder and Deputy Managing Director

Stefanie Lauper

Stefanie Lauper

Managing Director, Finance

Karla Lattmann

Karla Lattmann

Marketing Manager

Oliver Berger

Oliver Berger

Investor and Partner

Blinno GmbH

Blinno GmbH

Technical Partner


Personally, what excites me about is that I can quickly and efficiently obtain and compare offers from various suppliers with very little effort. It doesn’t matter whether it’s
about consumables or complex devices/solutions.

Especially in times of supply shortages, I have great support here in my search for alternatives,
and it’s absolutely free.
The time I would otherwise have to spend searching can be used for other tasks

Angelina Wallier
Roche Innovation Center Basel, Hoffmann La Roche

For Milian, offers an excellent opportunity to present our products, alternatives and services in a targeted manner. The clear website allows us to easily present alternatives to hard-to-find products to visitors. It also allows us to point out aspects of our wide range of products to customers.
Through the inquiry function, we can specifically address questions and offer a customized solution.

Livio Ferrari
CEO, Milian SA / AG

LabFinder makes searching for laboratory equipment much easier, as relevant companies can be reached quite simply with a single enquiry.
At the same time, the request is also sent to companies that you have not necessarily thought of. This makes it easy to get many offers and to find the right product and/or the best price for it.

Dr. Barbara Keller
Department of Systematic and Evolutionary Botany
University of Zurich

Friendly, reliable and competent advice. Highly recommended.

Thomas Baumann
Eidg. dipl. Drogist, Inhaber
Dorfdrogerie Baumann

Easy to use. Its really helpful in finding different product and brand specific suppliers in Switzerland and gives the option to directly contact them through their platform.
Saves a lot of time.

Alejandro Montoya
Senior Clinical Embryologist, OVA IVF Clinic Zürich

A large number of suppliers and users trust us