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INFORS HT has been developing and producing high-tech solutions for biotechnology for over 55 years. We are proud to be among the best specialists for bioreactors, shaker incubators and bioprocess control software.

Our products are used all over the world for research, development and production in fields such as biopharmaceuticals, biotechnology, food technology, cosmetics and agricultural technology, as well as at research institutes worldwide. Our areas of competence cover the entire culture process, from screening to process development to production.

Even after years of constant operation, our incubation shakers and bioreactors work just as well as they did on the very first day. In addition to top-quality product manufacturing, that accomplishment also reflects outstanding service once the product is in use. That’s why, when INFORS HT delivers a product, it’s not the end of the process—for us it’s the beginning of a customer relationship that will last for years.

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