The new version of the Crystalline PV/RR allows scientists to assess crystallization and formulation information at milliliter scale.

Designed by scientists, for scientists, the Crystalline PV/RR features:

– AI-based image analysis: advanced in-line particle viewing cameras and AI-based software that helps you reliably monitor, design and optimize the crystallization processes.

– High precision optics: 8 cameras with up to 6 times magnification and up to 0.63 microns per pixel resolution.

– Enhanced temperature range and accuracy: run experiments at volumes between 2.5 and 5 millilitres in a temperature range from – 25°C to 150°C.

– Make use of advanced analytical capabilities through the vial such as integrated cameras for particle imaging and analysis, Particle Size Distribution, Real time Raman integration and transmissivity.

– Ready for robotic integration: save time and reduce costs by making use of the instrument’s improved software capabilities such as remote access and automated transfer samples.

With the Crystalline PV/RR, every picture tells your story.

Delivery time: 5-6 weeks

Price on request

Warranty time: 12 months


Technical Data/Specs

Reactors: 8
Reactor Type: 8 ml vials
Working Volume (ml): 2.5-5 ml
Temperatures profiles: 8
Temperature range (°C): -25 to 150*
Temperature accuracy (°C): 0.5
Heating/Cooling rate (°C/min): 0-20
Stirring modes: Overhead or stirrer bar
Stirring rate (rpm): 0-1250
Turbidity (%): Every reactor
Chiller necessary: Yes
In-line analytics: 8 particle view imaging cameras and/or Raman probes
Particle size and shape analysis: Yes – with particle view imaging cameras
Extra functions: Reflux, antisolvent, seeding, evaporation and pH monitoring integration
Data export: CrystalClear, Word Report, XML
Footprint (DxWxH in cm) 52 x 77.8 x 19.7
Software: Advanced image analysis based on AI

* When ambient temperature is 21°C ± 2°C and chiller cooling capacity at 18°C is about 1180 watt.



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