EasySyn reactor system


EasySyn reactor system

EasySyn is the reactor system for organic or aqueous syntheses. And the only reactor system for which you can get all the complementary components from a single source: Overhead stirrers, circulators, vacuum pumps and controllers, sensors and automation software. All from IKA and all perfectly matched to each other.

With its double-walled reactor vessels from 500 ml to 5000 ml, EasySyn is a medium-sized and very flexible upscaling system. It ensures safe and reproducible chemical reactions.

The EasySyn reactor systems are characterized by a wide range of applications such as reflux condensations, reactions under vacuum, crystallizations, (pH-controlled) precipitation reactions, nanoparticle or catalyst syntheses as well as the transfer from laboratory to process scale.

In many applications, controllable and reproducible reaction conditions are essential to achieve reliable and comparable results. With EasySyn, these conditions are guaranteed by the use of high-quality materials in combination with technically sophisticated accessories. Our reactor systems are for example suitable for research and development, the chemical industry or materials research.

They are unique thanks to the ergonomically designed stand. It allows quick and easy exchange of the reactor vessels, simple alignment of the…

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Warranty time: 2 + 1 years


Technical Data/Specs

Useful volume max.: 500 ml, 1000 ml, 2000 ml, 5000 ml
Operating temperature: -50 – 200 °C
Attainable vacuum: 3 mbar
Openings reactor vessel: 1 × center NS 29/32, 2 × NS 29/32, 1 × NS 14/23
Stand dimensions (W × H × D): 500 × 950 × 580 mm
Overhead stirrer: EUROSTAR 60 digital (Starter), EUROSTAR 100 control (Advanced)
Torque max. at the stirrer shaft: 60 Ncm (Starter), 100 Ncm (Advanced)

Additonal features Advanced version)
– Draining set LT 5.40 inclusive
– Timer
– RS 232 interface
– USB interface
– Reversible direction of rotation
– Torque display



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