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Introducing a new home for R&D and innovation, created by and for biopharma and medtech experts. PULSE is a modular workspace, as vibrant as it is versatile.

High-security, high-tech and high-capacity, PULSE is built for breakthroughs. It’s a place where companies are at the cutting edge, and people feel at home.

With fully modular floorplates starting at 300m2, we give you the platform to shape bespoke spaces. Every inch of our two 21,500m2 and 22,000m2 buildings has been designed specifically for biopharma and medtech.

Whether you want labs, biotech facilities, R&D units, or advanced chemicals and fill & finish centres, PULSE lets you tailor-make spaces that fit your needs.

Delivery time: Q02 2024

Price on request

Warranty time: nc





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