SF-4 Baculo Express Insect Media


SF-4 Baculo Express Insect Media

Extensive further development and further investigation on the nutritional needs of insect cells, based on the excellent performance of SF-1, resulted in our new improved “Ready to Use” insect medium. Already successfully used in different academic and industrial laboratories, SF-4 show following improvements:
1. Cell density: Densities up to 2×10^7 cells/ml could be achieved using SF-4 in bioreactors and spinner flasks
2. Versatility: Not only suitable for SF9 and SF21 but also High Five TM and Drosophila cells
3. Adaptation: Only few passages are needed, if you switch from your current serum supplemented medium (e.g. TC-100 or Grace’s). Direct switch from your current serum free (but not protein free) medium is possible for some of the commercially available media.
4. Protein yield: Results indicate an increased protein yield (1.5–2.7 times) in recombinant protein production compared to previously used media.

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