Tube Mill 100 control – batch mill


Tube Mill 100 control – batch mill

The world’s first patented Tube Mill 100 control is a batch mill with disposable grinding chambers. Eliminates possibility of cross-contamination and the effort of cleaning.
The Tube Mill 100 control accommodates larger grinding chambers with a maximum volume of 100 ml (MT 100) .
The grinding chamber and cover are made of a transparent material so grinding tests can be observed at any time. The mill can be used for hard (Mohs hardness up to 5), dry and brittle materials. It is especially suitable for grinding seeds, such as corn and wheat. The mill will only start when the hood is closed, making it safe to use.

– Clear and multilingual OLED display (incl. error code display)
– Timer, adjustable from 5s – 3 min
– USB interface (control and document all parameters)
– Interval operation optional
– Infinitely variable speed (5,000 – 25,000 rpm)
– Various operating modes
– Adjustable safety speed and time
– Programmable and storable test conditions
– Reproducible test results
– Touch keypad
– Scope of delivery includes grinding chambers: 1 x MT 40; 1 x MT 100 and 1 x MMT 40

Delivery time: on request

Price on request

Warranty time: 2 + 1 years


Technical Data/Specs

Motor rating input 100 W
Motor rating output 80 W
Speed range 5000 – 25000 rpm
Process type batch
Circumferential speed max. 65 m/s
Useable volume max. 100 ml
Feed hardness max. 5 Mohs
Feed grain size max. 10 mm
Power-ON time 3 min
Mill feed can be cooled in milling chamber with dry ice yes
Operating principle cutting/impact
Speed deviation ±2 %
Dimensions (W x H x D) 180 x 212 x 300 mm
Weight 2.8 kg
Permissible ambient temperature 5 – 40 °C
Permissible relative humidity 80 %
Protection class according to DIN EN 60529 IP 30
USB interface yes
Voltage 220 – 240 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power input 100 W

Other voltage variants available (220 – 240 V / 100 – 120 V / 100 V)



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