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Animal Serum – Calf Serum – 500 ml

When searchers choose their serum an important factor that
should be taken into consideration is thesource,
which also emphasises the traceability of the serum.
Our system of vertical integration allows us to be certain of the origins
and traceability of our Calf and Donor Calf Serum.
Each manufactured batch is rigorously controlled, from the collection of serum
and throughout all stages of its treatment and production through
to final packaging on our premises.
Clearline Calf Serum is derived from clotted whole blood collected from calf with cleaned and disinfected equipment. Clearline Donor Calf Serum is derived from clotted whole blood aseptically collected from donor calf via the vein before freezing.
The serum is collected or imported and treated in agreement with the European regulations.

Filtration :
Final Filter Size : 0.2μm

Sterility :
All sera are tested for the absence of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, fungi, yeast and Mycoplasma.
The sterility test is based on the European Pharmacopoeia requirements.
The sera are tested for the absence of Mycoplasma by culture.

Virus Tested :
All of our sera are tested for:
– Bovine Viral Diarrhoea (BVD)

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