Myra Pipetting Robot


Myra Pipetting Robot

A small pipetting robot with a vision to perfection.

– Best in class accuracy and precision of less than 10% for 1 ul pipetting volumes
– High precision pipette tip positioning for small aperture tubes such as 384 well plates
– Pressure based liquid level sensing that can monitor the aspirate and dispense process for errors
– The first liquid handling system with an integrated camera and state of the art algorithms to enable Myra to see what it needs to do. Myra automates and simplifies pipette calibration and monitors for user errors in deck layout such as missing tubes*
– An interchangeable pipette head gives you more flexibility with your workflow. Each pipette head contains its own calibration data removing the need to re-calibrate on each exchange
– Multi-dispense pipetting with greater accuracy to reduce time and save on pipette tips
– Using 384 well pipette tips means you swap out tips less often

Delivery time: 2-3 weeks

Price on request

Warranty time: 2 years

Technical Data/Specs

Position control: Closed loop, 100 μm resolution
Calibration: High precision camera
Pipetting volume range: 1 – 50 μl
Liquid level detection: Pressure sensing
Tips per rack: 384
Dispense modes : Single and multi
Precision: 1 μl : <10% CV / 2 – 50 μl : <1% CV
Accuracy: 1 μl : <10% / 2 – 50 μl : <1%
UV lamp: High intensity 70 mW 280 nm UV LED



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